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Stolen from the interwebs because brilliant. Check the URL for source, I’m a lazy fucker.

Anyway, my opinion? I reckon we should try to replace the vernacular, my personal suggestion is, “Request for backup.”

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Was cleaning out an older laptop. Found this collection of artwork for Star Wars set in an 80’s highschool. Thought I’d share - Imgur

These are freaking awesome. Especially love the re-imagining of Leia giving R2 the message for Obi-Wan..

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NaturalNews huckster Mike Adams asks anti-GMOers to kill scientists, supporters of crop biotech | Genetic Literacy Project

If you get your information from sites like Natural News you seriously need to give your fucking head a wobble.

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An animated gif version of Dot Cotton having a bad trip.

As originally requested by Toby Johnson

Canvas print available here

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On the Value of Judgement

You can learn a lot about an individual by the judgements they make. Every time you form an opinion you make a judgement. Every time you decide to do one thing instead of another you make a value or judgement call. So why is the concept of sharing these judgements with others so problematic for some people? Do they honestly want a world in which nobody criticises anybody’s actions? If they saw a gang kicking the shit out of a complete stranger would they adopt the same laissez faire attitude?

Furthermore, without judgement, debate becomes meaningless, and suddenly one of the greatest forums humankind has for sharing and refining ideas becomes valueless. That is not a world I want any part in.

I want to live in a world where if somebody thinks what I’ve said or done is wrong, they aren’t afraid to say so. They might be right, there may well be something I completely failed to consider which their judgement makes clear to me. I can’t respect the notion that people should be allowed to go through life completely unchallenged on the things they say, do and believe.

Think I’m wrong? Tell me why!

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Enough with the alarmist bullshit already, yeah? (Or The Great Chemtrail Non-Debate)

I thought I’d take a moment to share a snapshot of my day. A rant prompted by my fourth chemtrail related barney on facebook with the same damn person. I’m reposting the “critique” portion of my rant here, largely so I have access to it somewhere where I post less frequently, but also so that anyone who may happen to give a shit can hopefully draw strength from my venom.

The rant in question was precipitated by someone telling me they found the viewpoint expressed in the following interesting…


Now, the instigator of my afternoon breakdown also suggested that I head over “there” to debate the issue. Obviously she hadn’t seen that there was in fact nowhere to debate the issue, as comments were disabled. So, not a good start, but I gave it a read anyway, and my brain proceeded to melt in an oddly, erm, “ragey” fashion. Anyway, ranty ranty ranty…

There is literally no point trying to debate these people, they are wilfully ignorant of the refutations to their poorly constructed arguments. Everything they could have to say on the subject has already been comprehensively debunked and I guarantee their minds are closed to the possibility that they’re just wrong.

It links back to a “spirit science” type site for the original, and again, the mental gymnastics required to accommodate such wishful thinking preclude the possibility of rational debate.

Reading their content-free drivel I’m thoroughly unimpressed, intellectually offended, even. It’s an anti-intellectual screed born out of paranoia. Also, they fail to show any difference between known and observed contrails, and what they claim to be chemtrails (They even show a photo of a sky full of contrails and claim that they are “obviously” chemtrails with absolutely no qualification), which to me proves that they don’t have a fucking clue what they’re prattling on about.

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and a global conspiracy which necessitates the involvement of tens of thousands of individuals to pull-off? Come on, now. In the time in which contrails have been observed (nearly a century, in print), not a shred of evidence has ever been leaked that there is anything nefarious about them beyond the obvious pollutants in jet fuel. I’ve seen images claiming to be evidence, but under closer examination EVERY SINGLE ONE has turned out to be a photograph of something other than what the poster claimed. Usually ballast tanks, or blatant photoshopping. Or a cloud-seeding pod, or some other known spraying craft.

Basically, the “alternative” news media is no more trustworthy than the mainstream media, less-so, in many cases, because there is never any fact-checking, and the people who run these outlets inherently mistrust any large establishment, such as the scientific community, crippling their ability to make rational judgements on scientific issues. You won’t get scientifically accurate news from anti-science misinformation agents like Alex Jones, David Icke or any fucker with a huge list of books for sale down the right hand side of their conspiracy-filled rantings. I get exasperated because you keep listening to complete morons. The scientific establishment works. It’s not perfect, but it’s a self-correcting system of peer-review and falsifiable claims, which is far better than some utter fuckwit pointing at some shit some other fuckwit made up and screaming “OPEN YOUR EYES!”

Take the first paragraph…
"Those who deny the existence of chemtrails are either willfully ignorant or dangerously arrogant, or both; therefore, why bother debating with them? Of course, there are those who run Facebook pages who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in the multi-billion dollar global chemtrail program."

They aren’t interested in facts. They’ve already made up their mind and anyone who tells them anything that conflicts with that is either a paid shill or a government agent. It’s bollocks. Absolute bollocks. Multi-billion dollar? Who’s paying? Who benefits? How many people would have to be involved in such a conspiracy? Has any government ever been able to keep something so vast under wraps for any length of time, let alone the 80+ years indicated by looking at photographs of the sky taken in the last two centuries? The answer is no. That alone is grounds enough to dismiss the majority of chemtrail claims wholesale. If anything, by exercising the patience and rigour that I have thus far, I’ve given far too much credence to something utterly risible. Part of why this issue now causes my blood to boil in mere seconds.

The FIRST FIVE paragraphs are NOTHING but ad hominem attacks on the opposition, in an attempt to discredit the viewpoint for reasons completely divorced from logic, or the quality of the arguments. Sickening. Honestly if you actually read that article through to the end and thought that it was reasonable then I’m more than a little disappointed in you. You’ve fallen for every cheap emotive trick under the sun and failed to engage your critical faculties. There is nothing provided by way of evidence, not so much as a superficially compelling argument for their position, the whole piece is nought but an attack on honest thinkers.

Anyone else find this as flabbergasting as I do? The thing that winds me up the most is that thoughtful, intelligent people with a passion for social activism get caught up in this sort of bullshit. I would wager that the continued propagation of unchecked wank like this causes millions of man-hours a year to be wasted on wild goose chases. Hours that would otherwise go towards hopefully battling a real social injustice. You know, something that actually exists.

If you want a quick source for your information that is more scientifically rigorous than this dick-head on Tumblr, I recommend seeing what these guys have to say on the subject, the article nicely condenses everything you need to know about contrails and could help put restless minds at ease.

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If you’re a guy who likes looking at pictures of naked girls but loses respect for a girl if she posts a naked picture of herself, you can get lost

How many times can I reblog this

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